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Why you have to take Vitamin D

Vitamins can’t be not used as medications, but taking them is beneficial for several reasons:

· Prevention of infection. Taking vitamins can strengthen immunity. Viruses weakens the immune system. Taking a sufficient amount of these vitamins will help to avoid infection, even if some concentration of the virus enters the body.

· Alleviating the general condition. Vitamins help to reduce weakness, stabilize temperature, and reduce intoxication. Due to their influence, the will patient begins to feel healthier and recovery is at a faster rate.

Vitamins for the prevention of illness:

The best vitamins for the prevention of illness are D, C, A, B. As well as trace elements of selenium and zinc, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

· Vitamin D and its second form are D3 needed in an amount of 100-500 IU daily, due to the following reasons:

· Receptors of substances are in all tissues of the body, including in the respiratory organs. D and D3 improve lung function by strengthening alveolar cells suffering from infection. This effect facilitates breathing, ensures better filling of tissues with oxygen.

· Partially responsible for blood sugar and vascular condition. Normalization of the first indicator and blood pressure level reduces the risk of severe disease. And maintaining the cardiovascular system prevents the likelihood of complications associated with intoxication.

· Muscle tone is stimulated. This reduces the inherent weakness of the infection, a slice in the body.

· Vitamin D3 activates T cells in the body, which search for and destroy any intrusions of bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin D 3
Vitamin D3

"T cells must be fed from vitamin D, otherwise they will stop working. If T cells cannot find enough vitamin D in the body, then they will not even start the fight, "says Karsten Geisler, a specialist in the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology.

Only by the fall did fresh data begin to appear that Vitamin D and Zinc most certainly helps in the fight against the new disease. They began to appear in official medical documents-recommendations for the treatment of asymptomatic patients, as a preventive measure that does not lead to serious consequences.

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