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According to the Radiology Society of North America, cryotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue. Other forms of cryotherapy incorporate non-invasive cold treatments to minimize pain. Doctors frequently prescribe ice packs to treat sore muscles, arthritis, and joint pain.

Chiro Freeze Pain Relief is an all-natural gel (sold in pump bottles and squeeze tottles) that provides an intense cold therapy treatment designed to relieve pain and stiffness in sore joints and muscles. It almost feels like applying ice to the area, but it does not interfere with blood flow.

There are many situations where Chiro Freeze Pain Relief is beneficial. It provides relief for everything from simple muscle aches and pains to more serious pain such as back pain due to herniated discs. Some people use Chiro Freeze Pain Relief to treat acute pain. For example, a person with back pain might apply it while waiting for their pain medication to take effect. People with chronic pain might apply it prior to bedtime to get a good night's sleep. Also, it is often used in conjunction with exercise. Once a muscle or joint is injured, regular exercise is typically the key to rehabilitation. But when pain limits the body's ability to exercise, the healing process takes longer. Chiro Freeze Pain Relief can be used up to four times a day - both before exercise or therapy (to relieve painful movement) and afterwards (to soothe muscle or joint soreness).

Chiro Freeze Pain Relief is easy to use, does not stain, and can be applied to any part of the body. It does not contain waxes, oils, or petroleum. Simply massage it into the sore area and it starts working almost immediately. Maximum benefits can be felt after 2-3 applications and can result in 4-5 hours of pain relief.

Active Ingredients: All-natural Menthol. Menthol is an organic compound found in the essential oils of mints such as peppermint and spearmint. The menthol compound adds flavoring and aroma to chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash. It also holds medicinal properties for over-the-counter medicines that treat sore throats, congestion, and itching. The combined cold and hot sensation of menthol provides relief to sore muscles and joints by temporarily overriding the painful feelings. ILEX: Ilex paraguariensis, also known as ILEX, comes from a holly bush grown in South America. The chemist who developed Chiro Freeze Pain Relief added ILEX to an experimental formulation he was creating in an attempt to alleviate his grandmother's arthritis. He was inspired by the Paraguay Indians who steep the Ilex leaves along with other herbs to amplify the effects of the medicinal herbs. Camphor: Camphor is derived from the Cinnamonum camphora tree that is native to China and also grows in India, Egypt, southern Florida, and California. Certain growers believe camphor cannot be successfully cultivated from the tree until it is at least 50 years old. Camphor has a strong fragrance and possesses cold sensation generating properties like menthol. When applied locally, it is a numbing agent for the sensory nerves. It is also considered to be an antiseptic.

Precautions: When using this product, avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Do not use with other ointments, creams, sprays, or liniments. Do not apply to irritated skin. Do not apply if excess irritation develops. Do not bandage. Wash hands after use with cool water. Do not use with heating pad devices.


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