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Uses of saw palmetto

Saw palmetto has a range of uses. Most of them relate to the effect it is believed to have on testosterone.

Lowered testosterone levels cause a variety of conditions, which can be treated by stabilizing the levels of this hormone.

Some people think that saw palmetto prevents testosterone from being broken down. When testosterone cannot break down naturally, the levels of the hormone in the body go up.

Prostate cancer

As saw palmetto seems to have an impact on male hormone levels, it may also help reduce the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate.

For this reason, some men who have prostate cancer take supplements of saw palmetto in addition to traditional treatment.

Anyone with concerns about prostate cancer should always speak to a doctor. It is important to seek a proper diagnosis and suitable treatment before trying an alternative remedy.

Sex drive

Testosterone plays a role in both men and women’s sex drive. It is linked to fertility because it affects the production of both sperm and eggs.

As such, people may take saw palmetto in an attempt to increase their testosterone levels. This can help them experience an increased libido or a greater desire for sex.

Hair loss

As men age, it is natural for them to lose some of their hair. This natural process occurs because of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a by-product of the breakdown of testosterone.

Men experiencing hair loss may try taking saw palmetto to stabilize their testosterone levels and slow down the hair loss process.


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