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In the world of healthcare, NAC is used as a medicine that can treat conditions ranging from liver damage to asthma to acetaminophen overdose. It has been well-studied by medical researchers and has an array of potential health benefits.

If you’re thinking of supplementing with NAC, know that it can help with:


NAC is a favorite supplement in the anti-aging community. One of the benefits of NAC is that it can replenish your glutathione levels by nearly 30%. Glutathione can help make you more resistant to oxidative stress, slowing down aging at a cellular level.



NAC can help the body rid itself of harmful toxins. It helps protect cells from toxicity caused by environmental pollutants, including pesticides, heavy metals like lead, and gasoline and diesel fumes.

In a randomized controlled trial, NAC was even found to restore lung function in soldiers exposed to mustard gas. It’s also a standard at hospitals for treating acetaminophen overdoses and poisons that cause damage through extreme oxidative stress.



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