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Bee pollen contains more than 50 different substances that saturate our body with the necessary strength, health, giving effective protection against destructive factors.


It is worth listing some useful substances that are part of bee pollen:


vitamins B, C, E, A;

phenoacids and flavonides;

amino acids;

polysaccharides, disaccharides;

dietary fibers;



Mineral substances.

In fact, the composition of this pollen contains almost the entire part of the Mendeleev table useful for the human body. The saturation of the composition depends on the area where the bees collect pollen and vegetation varieties.

The rich content of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances contributes to the emergence of many positive effects when eating bee pollen.


Men benefit from bee pollen in terms of protecting the body from everyday stress and overstress. This product strengthens, restores strength. Bee pollen is useful for protecting the nervous system, strengthening the heart muscle, improving the work of hematopoiesis.


Women will assess the effect of this product during menstruation and in climax. By regularly consuming bee pollen, you can seriously support the hematopoietic system, strengthen the nervous system and create a stress-resistant psychological background.


Bee pollen is used for weight loss. Despite the fact that this beekeeping product is considered quite nutritious, it is widely used to reduce body weight. There's no secret here. The fact is that bee pollen contributes to the establishment of metabolism. By accelerating metabolism, this product promotes mild and safe weight loss. And pollen helps "drive" excess liquid out of the body and maintain the balance of substances necessary for healthy existence.

Pregnancy and lactation pregnancy and lactation, this beekeeping product is not contraindicated. But we need a doctor's consultation! The fact is that bee pollen contributes to an increase in the amount of milk in a nursing woman, as well as to its enrichment with valuable substances. For pregnant women, this product helps to fill the shortage of necessary trace elements and provide the body with the necessary support. Bee pollen in this case can be called a natural vitamin complex, which easily replaces pharmacy drugs of a similar orientation. However, due to the risks of developing a serious allergic reaction, such "vitamins" can not be eaten by all pregnant women, and even more so, they will not be suitable for every nursing mother. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of such a preventive agent with caution.

In sports

Bee pollen is very useful to athletes! The product is especially appreciated by those who are fond or professionally engaged in power sports. This beekeeping product is saturated with useful proteins. As well as a huge amount of vitamins and m