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What is the difference between hawthorn and rosehip

Rosehip and hawthorn are different plants. Their fruits, leaves and inflorescences differ from each other in shape and other characteristics.

A shrub or undersized hawthorn tree is endowed with large thorns. The plant blooms in the spring. At this time of the year, beautiful-looking inflorescences can be seen on the hawthorn bushes. The period of full ripening of the fruits occurs in the autumn season. They are colored in shades of red, orange and even black, reach small sizes and differ in a slightly elongated shape. A large seed can be found inside each hawthorn fruit.

Rosehip is considered the progenitor of the rose. The flowering of this plant occurs in the spring and summer. The main difference between wild rose and hawthorn is the presence of large flowers of pink, red or white. The fruits of this plant have only an external resemblance to hawthorn berries, contain several small seeds and differ in their composition, as well as taste characteristics.




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