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The digestive system is the series of tube like organs that convert our meals into body fuel. In all there's about 30 feet (9 meters) of these convoluted pipe works, starting with the mouth.  Along the way, food is broken down, sorted, and reprocessed before being circulated around the body to nourish and replace cells and supply energy to our muscles.
Meta - Labs Digestive Plus is a great nutritious way to maintain liver, gallbladder and digestive health; while helping to stimulate more digestive enzymes and bile flow to help the body absorb more vitamins and nutrients from the consumption of the foods we consume.  In addition Digestive Plus may help ease thyroid and respiratory problems.  Here at Meta Labs we use 100% natural ingredients;  Orange Peel and Ginger  are used to relax the esophagus to ease back flow from the stomach caused by heartburn and acid reflux which usually happens after eating. Berberine and Black Rasberry are great for intestinal health along with Black Radish to aid in complete digestive health.



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DIGESTIVE PLUS 90 Vegi Capsules

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    •  Acid Reflux                        
    •  Heartburn
    •  Vitamin Deficiencies          
    •  Upset Stomach
    •  Improved Bowel movements