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When it comes to sun exposure, our well-intentioned efforts to cover up with sunscreen are no longer doing the trick. Here at Meta-Labs we have formulated an Eggplant Cream with Cannabis Oil that used with your current sunscreen may assist in the elimination of non-melanoma skin lesion, including actinic keratosis, sunspots, basal cell carcinoma and aquamous cell carcinoma. Eggplant Cream with Cannabis Oil is recomended to be applied to areas of the skin that may have become discolired, thickened, or scaly as a result of exposure to sun (UV) light. These areas of the skin are known as keratosis. In addition, Eggplant Cream with Cannabis Oil works effectively against all forms of hyperpigmentation by lightening your skin

evening out age spots, as well as helping to assist with different skin problems like Eczema & Psoriasis.
Eggplant Cream with Cannabiis Oil is giving you the answer to skin discoloration - better choice than hydroquinonebased creams or other over-the-counter skin whiteners and brighteners.
Eggplant Cream with Cannabis Oil is safe to use and works on all skin types, but becouse everyone’s skin type and condition is differentyour usage may vary. Apply Eggplant Cream with Cannabis Oil directly over the ski lesion twice a day for 14 weeks. Please, consult your doctor before use.


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  • • Significant ly less expensive to traditional treatments
    • Non-toxic to nomal, healthy cell s a nd non-toxic to body organs
    • May be highly effective for non-malanoma skin lesions
    • May help even out skin tones
    • Lightens and brightens aour skin
    • May assist in different skin problemslike Eczama & Psoriasis